art in the park

girl covered in paint, paintingYesterday was one of those days that will stick out as one of my favorite days of the summer.  Despite the excruciating heat, our homeschool family ventured out to one of the city’s best parks and hosted “Art in the Park.”  We saved cardboard egg cartons for months, gathered up odds ‘n’ ends art supplies, hauled in a ginormous bike box, and got busy creating.
slew of people painting and creating(above picture thanks to Anya)

The kids got to work painting, while a couple of the little girls and I went to the playground to recruit some young artists and their unsuspecting caregivers.  As I walked back with a grandma and her grandson, this was the conversation:

Bonnie:  Are you guys teachers?

Me:  No, we’re a bunch of friends who homeschool our kids and thought it would be fun to invite people to do some art with us.

Bonnie:  Oh that’s so neat.  Okay, so, I don’t want to make this awkward, but are you a Christian?

Me: (chuckling) Yes!

Bonnie:  (huge smile on her face) Oh, me too!

I guess our cover was blown with homeschooling and community and inviting others to join us.  It was such a sweet interaction and I think both Bonnie and I saw it as a little gift in our day.  It ended up being such a beautiful morning of painting, laughing, sweating, and chatting it up.  We’re hoping to do one more “Art in the Park” before summer is up, and I can’t wait!

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