week 16

cut up letterWe have been thoroughly enjoying our Brave Writer lifestyle and decided to implement another one of their ideas:  Party Writing.
charlie brown thanksgiving invitationWe decided we wanted to host a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party, so this was the perfect opportunity to write up some invitations together.  Last week, we started by each writing a guest list and our own invitations (freewrite style).  This week, we cut apart our writings to make one joint invitation.  We ended up rearranging sentences, trashing some that were repeats, and editing as we went.  We were all quite happy with the final invite!
boy thinking and writing a letterCourben used his newly-learned typing skills to type up our finished product, and we all worked on signing names, illustrating, and stuffing envelopes.
boy writing with a sharpieOne of the neatest parts of the day was when the boys both immediately sat down and continued to write additional letters to out-of-town friends and cousins to pop in the mail.  I’d say we’re seeing Brave Writer success in our house!


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