backyard camping

boys setting up tent in the backyardThis was the weekend we had put backyard camping on our family calendar, and the boys were anxious to set up the tent.  We let them give it a go on their own, and they needed minimal help.  Of course, the three of them played in it all afternoon, giggling and wrestling inside.five kiddos in a wagon-tonka-truck trainBefore we crawled into our outdoor bedroom, we invited some new friends over for s’mores around the bonfire.  We had great getting-to-know-you-conversations despite the blaring sounds of tonka trucks racing loops around our driveway and doorbells repeatedly ringing through our empty house.  Can’t wait to spend more time with this crew!

All five of us made it through the night with little nighttime excitement and a reasonable amount of sleep.  Until next year…


One thought on “backyard camping

  1. When we children were ages 12, 11,10, 9, and 4, my dad came home one afternoon with a good-sized tent he had found along a road.  Having no ID with it, he decided we could use it.  We never went camping (more’s the pity), but we certainly played in it several summers.  It sported two pull-open, canvas-coveredwindows, a leak-proof floor, a staked porch-like awning, and a sturdy frame with big central post.  And we did sleep in it occasionally, scary noises and all.Looking forward to your presence Sat.  Lovingly, GrGr/GrGr

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