asv: wildlife edition


Starting in the top left, going counterclockwise:

1.  Three black bears, ah!  We stopped in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to visit with my Aunt Jamie and got a good look at the local wildlife.  Judah was enthralled!

2.  Jellyfish and tons of them.  These guys were washed up on shore each morning as I went for a run along the beach.  I saw as many as five in a two mile stretch.  Thanks to Finding Nemo, Courben assured me that I’ll be okay as long as I only touch the tops of them.

3.  Tiny crab.  Truth be told, this one is dead, but he was intact and nestled in amongst the seashells.

4.  Legless lizard.  That’s right, this is not a snake.  You can check out the facts here.

5.  Gators!  We went to Huntington Beach and saw loads of alligators; Courben was in heaven!

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