week 35

minecraft command block 5th grade writingAfter our little heart to heart a few weeks back, Courben and I have been working on his writing together.  This week, though, he went for it on his own and had me read through it when he wrapped up.  This was his final product (with only a few edits from me) and it speaks volumes to the growth he’s made in this area over the last year.  It is one, succinct topic that is ordered and makes sense.  I love the last bit, too, because his voice shines through so clearly.

Judah wrapped up the Gamma level of MathUSee this week.  So, he is officially a Multiplying Machine.  He has worked super hard to not dread math over the last few months.  I recently attended an ADHD webinar and learned that listening to beloved music has shown to increase math scores in boys with ADHD.  We’ve been jamming to music while exercising to start our days, so I’m wondering if that combination of movement and tunes has helped with math each day.

Speaking of math, we ordered Grace’s first math book for Kindergarten, and she is beyond excited to start using it.  She cannot wait until July when she starts!

Next week we wrap up our school year and take our one month Summer break.

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