week 34

a minecraft do not enter signOne more week of school down.  The kids did lots of great work this week.  I especially loved seeing Grace do her first bit of copywork, though she didn’t know she was doing it.  She asked how to spell, “DO NOT ENTER,” for a sign she was making in Minecraft.  Instead of verbalizing it for her, I wrote out the letters in all caps so she could find them easily on the keyboard and she copied them.  She was so proud of her sign!
boy reading a digital book and taking notes on computerCourben has been studying the history of video games (not to be mistaken for the history of Minecraft from last hexmester).  I love to see how many notes he takes when it’s a topic of interest.  He’s also enjoying digital books as you can see; phone in one hand, taking notes on the laptop with his other.  Our little techy.
ciphers written on paperAnd here’s a glimpse into Judah’s work on ciphers.  The ones on the right sheet actually showed up in one of the chapters we read in Book Scavenger this week.  That was a fun surprise!  He also taught Courben and I about nulls.  “They are letters in a code to trick you or throw you off.  If your code is an odd number, you need to make it an even number by adding nulls.”  I love all the little bits of knowledge he’s picking up from his reading and which ones he begins to apply.

Two more weeks until we wrap up this school year!

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