week 33

sand castle with tiny flowers and rocksWe’ve had a great week of school, to include two metro park visits.  The boys have been working on a piano piece that includes a melody line and an accompaniment part.  After working on both parts for a couple weeks, they were able to play the song together, one playing the melody and the other accompanying, quite the challenge.  This completed Unit 5 from Hoffman Academy.  The week also included finding greatest common factors and reducing fractions for Courben and multiplying three digit by three digit for Judah.  We’re also enjoying our new read-aloud, Book Scavenger, and learning all about ciphers.  Coincidentally, Judah chose ciphers and codes for his  History topic after taking an online spy class.
the lookout a sand and water creationThe final metro park on our list was the furthest park from us, in Hocking County.  I’m not sure why it’s included in our park network since it’s not in Franklin County, but we were happy to visit.  We spent a couple hours playing, creating, and constructing these beauties in the sand along the creek.  It always makes me smile to see the boys working together contently.  If it wasn’t for soaking our clothes, we could have stayed another couple hours.  I can see this being a great summer spot especially since our pools and splash pads aren’t opening this year.

Three weeks to go!

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