week 32

boy drawing Harry Potter crestWe’re getting back into the swing of school this week; just five weeks until we’re done with our year!  The boys are both trying out our e-library app for their Science and History topics this final hexmester since the libraries are still closed.  I’ll be curious to hear how they like e-books.

After 4,100 pages in just nine months, Judah finished up the Harry Potter series this week.  We’ll celebrate with the final two movies and Butterbeer this weekend.  It’s been fun to see all the artwork and creative writing that has come from this series.  I wonder what books he’ll get into next; it’s hard to think anything can top this beloved set.
drawing of Harry Potter crestWe’ve still been working our way through the Metro Parks and stumbled upon a neat trail and creek this week.  The kids found all kinds of creatures on Thursday’s sunny afternoon:  craw-babies, baby salamanders, and toads.  We continue to be grateful for our time in the parks; it brings normalcy to our weeks.
baby salamanderNow that Courben has gained some confidence and shed some fear of writing, he and I will work together on this subject.  For the last several months, I have been allowing him to do writing without asking to see it to help ease the pressure and let him take ownership in his writing.  After reading his autism evaluation and checking out his writing from last hexmester, it’s become clear that this is an area in which he still needs some extra help.  We’ll use a combination of dictation and writing tools to boost his skills.  Hopefully, we’ll see some big improvements now that the fear has subsided.

Until next week…

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