no more littles

little girl walking on rope bridgeFive years.  I can’t believe it’s been five years since this little girl was born.  And I can’t believe we have three school-aged kids now.  Despite coronaviurs, we still celebrated well today.  A buddy of Grace’s gets to come every Tuesday since her parents still have to go into work and schools are closed.  Bonus that her birthday fell on a Tuesday.  Ava gets here bright and early, so she was able to sing with us as we woke up Gracelyn with her birthday donut and candle.
two girls face paintingBy lunchtime, our neighbors popped over for some pizza and ice cream and Nate was able to sneak out of the office to join us.  After lunch, the plan had been to watch Frozen 2, but The Greatest Showman came in for a quick swap for the win.  Baby pictures and birth/adoption stories came at dinner time.  And she got to finish her day with a FaceTime call with Mimi and Grampa and a car visit from some of our best buddies, who drove 40 minutes just to hang out in our driveway to wish Grace a happy birthday.

We are thankful for the opportunity to raise this fiery young lady.  Her thoughtfulness and friendliness are two traits that have blossomed over the last year.  She makes friends with anyone and loves to ask good questions to get conversations going at home.  Our prayer is that she will continue to trust the Father with her story as she gets older and begins to understand more.  And we pray that her friendliness, boldness, and thoughtfulness continue to grow as she loves people well.

One thought on “no more littles

  1. Beautiful Gracelyn, I can well remember five years ago when we learned of your birth because God danced on that day.  And I’m sure thatGod has danced for you every day since.  And I’m also sure that God will never get tired of dancing for you.     Oddly enough, I have beentrying to update my calendar for the year, and just yesterday I had called your Mimi because I realized I didn’t have your birthday on mycalendar.  Imagine my surprise when she said, “It’s today!”.  (Okay, so I’ve been ‘a day late and a dollar short’ for a long time). I’m glad youhad such a special day.  Lovingly, GrGr/GrGr

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