week 31, PIE celebration

boy rolling out pie doughWe finished another great read-aloud this hexmester, PIE by Sarah Weeks.  I’ve enjoyed using Brave Writer’s Arrow book selections for read-alouds, copywork, and writing.  This book was the first we’ve read in the mystery genre and it did not disappoint.  We were definitely stumped on who the city’s pie villain was.
boy trimming around a pieEach chapter began with a different pie filling recipe, so obviously, we had to try one out once we wrapped up the book.  Without having Polly Portman’s secret pie crust recipe, we still think we whipped up a scrumptious cherry pie, certainly better than Alice’s mother’s attempts.  If only the Blueberry Award were real.
three kids and a cherry pieWe ate our pie for lunch as we chatted about our hexmester and all the things we’ve learned about:  bodies, magic, letter sounds, tornadoes, editing, pie, Harry Potter, multiplication, factors, and fractions, It’s been a good hexmester and we’re ready to rest up before our final five weeks.  And it’s a good thing the library is still closed because we may have to try more pie recipes during our break.

2 thoughts on “week 31, PIE celebration

  1. Wow! A lattice-top pie. I am impressed. I have done that…and then realized it is a lot of work. I am usually in more of a hurry when I bake pies. Way to carry on the tradition of pie-baking!

    It will be a few years before I make pies from juneberries and gooseberries. We just received shipment of our brand new plants. I hope to see fruit in about three years.

    • We had a great time making it, though it did take us about two hours total. And Judah and I found doing the lattice together made it easier!


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