week 31, one boy’s writing

Judah has read like a madman and is almost through book six of Harry Potter; one book to go before the entire series is finished.  What he’ll read after that, I have no idea.  If anyone has any recommendations, please let us know.  Below is the first chapter in his own Harry Potter book eight (title to be determined).  I love his use of a simile describing the wedding cake and also how he used different spellings to mimic Hagrid’s speech like J.K. Rowling did in her books.  Without further ado, Chapter One, The Wedding

“Harry, Harry, wake up!” Harry was laying in his bed at the Burrow. He opened his eyes to see Ginny sitting on his bed.

“It’s our wedding day!” said Ginny.


“Yeah,” grunted Harry. He was looking forward to the wedding for the last two weeks, but now he was more nervous than ever. He got dressed as slowly as he could because he needed time to think about what he was going to do if he ditched Ginny. He looked out the window; everybody who survived the Death Eaters was there: Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, the Weaslys, Cho-Chang, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Fluer, Victor, Firenze, Nearly-Headless-Nick, Ted (Harry’s Godson), and even Grawp, all of whom where chatting to each other.


Harry and Ginny walked out onto the field. The wedding cake stood proud and strong like a King on the table, with pink and blue flowers and a giant cherry on top with two edible wands sticking out of it. It looked like Mrs. Weasly had made it. Hagrid made a very nervous announcement. “WHO WANTS TER START THE WEDDIN’…WELL…WHA’ ARE WE WE WATIN’ FER!?” Hagrid yelled. There was a bunch of “me!” and “woohoo!” and “here here!” Harry felt a little better at this and thought about Ginny and his love for her. He didn’t want to ditch her; he wanted to marry her and start a family.


After the announcement, a bunch of people started to set up refreshments for everybody. Harry thought that if Sirius was still alive, he would come to the wedding along with the other people; he thought the same about Dumbledore and Snape. He felt sad and like it was his fault they had died.


Harry and Ginny walked down the aisle towards the wedding arch and Hagrid was standing there with a big book held in his hands. They walked down until they were right under the arch and Hagrid made another nervous speech, but this time he was a little more confident. It seemed to go on forever until finally he said, “Harry, do yer want to marry Ginny?”


“Yes,” Harry replied.


Then Hagrid turned to Ginny. “Ginny, do yer want to marry Harry?”


“Yes,” Ginny replied.


Then Hagrid turned to face Harry, “You may now kiss the bride.”  Ginny leapt at Harry and Harry caught her in his arms. They both kissed like they’d never kissed before. Then they both put each other’s rings on. Harry put Ginny’s ring on her and Ginny put Harry’s ring on him.


3 thoughts on “week 31, one boy’s writing

  1. WOW, JUDAH!  This old English teacher would have given you and A+ and a dozen gold stars!  And your great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Lois Felton Wilson, would have, also.  She was an elementary teacher near Wabash after two years at Indiana State in TerreHaute.  In those years, women could not continue to teach if they married, so she gave it up when she married your great-great-grand-father, Absalom Wilson 111 in 1933.  She did return to teaching for two years when oldest son (Edwin Leon Wilson) was finishing highschool so that the family could take the only vacation they ever took together – to Phoenix, AZ,  Imagine the seven of us in a small cartraveling all that distance.  Edwin won the offered quarter as the first in the car to spot a jack rabbit.  Enough, I expect!  Lovingly, GrGr

    • Thank you for the encouragement to Judah and the stories!  I’m always blown away by your memory of stories from your childhood!!


  2. Wow! What an amazing improvement in writing abilities in a year!
    Way to go, Judah!

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