another week of virus, another week of parks

three kids hanging on a tree over a riverOur friends in Michigan can no longer visit parks or hike trails in the midst of the spreading covid-19.  So we’re continuing to be thankful that our parks are still open.  It’s been fun to smile and say hello at all the hikers.
little girl peering into creekThis week, we found fish eggs, went rivering (water levels were far too high to be called creeking),
boy building mud tower in creekdug massive holes and discovered various layers of earth, including clay,
boy digging hole near creekcollected smooth, flat shale for our rock painting,
brothers holding sister's hand to cross river on branchand made bridges for a hesitant sister and mom to cross a section of river.  One of the parks we went to is the closest park to the Appalachian foothills.  Steep hills, shallow creeks, and a plethora of spring flowers made our day.  Thankful we had warm enough weather to get our toes (and feet and ankles and knees) wet.  Next week doesn’t look quite as promising.

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