contagious joy

three kids showing off their painted rocksIt has been fascinating to see how people choose to spread Joy in the midst of a spreading virus.  Someone in our neighborhood painted 100 rocks and hid them all over.  We happened upon them last week and have been taking rock walks nearly every day since.  The kids have loved hunting for and hiding the little gems.  It has also been neat to see new rocks popping up that were not part of the original 100.  We hope to help spread the Joy ourselves; rocks, paints, and sealant should be arriving via Amazon soon.  Not only have the rocks been fun, but seeing so many neighbors out walking has certainly been a welcomed change.  One of the struggles we’ve had over the last five years in this neighborhood is how people seem to hibernate in their homes and behind their fences.  With no where to go and massive change to lifestyle, we get to see smiling faces walk and run and bike up and down our sidewalk.  These are some of the forever changes I hope stick around once life gets onto a new normal again.

One thought on “contagious joy

  1. Love the colors, Gracelyn; great to see you and brothers outside.  Even GrGr and I have taken several walks lately, and he has done a lot ofraking to get rid of leftover leaves and dead grasses.  Lovingly, GrGr

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