week 28

barefoot girl with umbrellaAnother school week in the books and another week of health in the midst of coronavirus.  Honestly, we have been enjoying our new groove and rhythm.  Nate working from home has been such a gift.  We get to eat lunch together and listen to our favorite audio Bible and take neighborhood walks.  And after visiting our fourth metro park in two weeks, the kids agreed that they like this new normal.  Today, we got to try out a park we hadn’t been to before.  Though it was a nice hike through a squishy meadow, it didn’t beat any of our other favorite spots for best park.  We still have two more parks on our “never-been-to” list; can’t wait to check them out!

As for school this week, it’s been another good week.  Grace did week two of lessons and was able to sing the kindergarten ABC song (with sounds and pictures in addition to letter names) by herself this morning.  She’s also able to identify all numbers 0-9.

The boys have continued to be self-motivated and get most of their work done in the first part of their week.  Right now, they’re both working on note-taking as part of their science and history studies.  Once week six comes, they’ll take their notes and decide on a way to show off what they’ve learned over the hexmester.

We’re all enjoying our read-aloud, called PIE and can barely wait to celebrate with some actual pie when we finish the mystery book.  The only hard part will be deciding which kind(s) of pie to make!

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