despite covid-19, take 1

girl walking through mudWhile we are still healthy in our house, many people across the world are not.  So far, our world hasn’t turned completely upside down, probably mostly due to us already being a homeschooling family.  Our week looked fairly typical besides Nate working from home every day, a couple extra grocery runs, and all our normal activities being canceled.  We have been thankful for two major things this week:  neighbors and open metro parks.If it’s helpful for anyone who is now homeschooling because of school closures, here is a day in the life (with or without corona):

  • wake when ready
  • eat breakfast (everyone fend for themselves)
  • check-in with Nate about his meetings for the day
  • 20 minutes of exercise and music jamming
  • read-aloud
  • everyone works on individual lessons (i do baking or cleaning when not needed for lessons)
  • lunch and listen to a chapter from Streetlights (audio Bible)
  • freeplay and outside (either in backyard, taking a walk, or hitting up a metro park)
  • computer time (typing and learn-a-language, then freeplay)
  • dinner
  • freeplay, outside, or documentary
  • read-aloud
  • bedtime (read with flashlights until tired)

I intentionally didn’t put times because those vary from day to day; it’s a routine, not a schedule.  Things shift, drop or get added as needed throughout the day.  For example, some days everyone is awake at 730a and there ends up being time for freeplay or outdoor time before lunch.  Other days, someone sleeps in and has to get a bit more schoolwork in after lunch.

Lots of things are up in the air for the next several weeks and maybe months, but we are trusting in the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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