week 26

girl with big smileLuckily for us, we got all our books for this hexmester checked out from the library on Monday before all this crazy coronavirus stuff hit.  After today, all our libraries will close.  A world without books, is that even legal?
boy runningContinuing to be inspired by Harry Potter, Judah decided to study the history of magic for History.  We have been awed by his magic tricks all week.  He and Uncle Jake even swapped magic videos one day.

Possibly inspired by the recent brain conversations we’ve been having, Courben chose neurology for his Science area of study.  We also found that he needed to start reading books from the adult section in the library as most of the children’s picture books were no longer challenging.  Curious to see what all he learns on this topic!
boy hanging from barDespite all the hype about the virus, we’re still getting outside (and good thing since everything else is closing up shop for three weeks around here).  It certainly can’t live too long outside, right?  Judah has been mastering his bow shooting, Courben, his whittling, and Grace, stopping on her bike.

Sorry, homeschoolers, no three week break for you!

(thanks Ben and Andrea for the photos of our kiddos)

One thought on “week 26

  1. Great photos!  And we certainly hope that your b-day was special.  It’s too bad that the sledgehammer and constant news re:  COVID-19 seems to over-take our focus on other equally-important events in our lives.  But it doesn’t stop me from thanking God for our remarkable family members frequently.So, we love you, Natalie. Gr/Gr Simons

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