three boys in a tree It feels like yesterday when we were racing to the hospital because our carbon monoxide detector was going off and I also happened to be in labor.  One more year in the single digits for this boy. We celebrated his birthday along with Courben’s at the tubing hill last week, but we did a little more celebrating on his actual day.  He and I made cinnamon rolls from scratch with a bike ride in the middle while the dough rose.  We were out of cinnamon, so we had to pedal to the store for the much-needed ingredient.  He also had his good friend come for a sleepover.  Tree climbing, biking, Angry Birds 2, and pizza were the highlights.  Today, we’ll enjoy some requested strawberry shortcake and drool over baby pictures.

It’s been a big year for Judah with his first broken bone, the ADHD diagnosis, and a new passion for Harry Potter. He continues to learn about healthy choices for himself.  Even last night, he chose to go sleep in his own bed when he couldn’t fall asleep in the living room dog-pile.  And I’m always blown away by the wise-beyond-his-years words that come out of his mouth.  At the park last night, he said, “When I’m barefoot, I feel safe and wild.”  What a statement.  I told him it reminded me of the Holy Ground conversation between Moses and God.  We continue to pray he’ll use his creativity, art, and storytelling for good and daily be reminded of who he is and Whose he is.

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