two boys in snow tubesEleven.  Eleven!  Eleven?  How on earth has it already been eleven years since this guy was born?  Yesterday was quite the day.  It started with our tradition of waking Courben up with singing, candles, and the best donut in the city.  Then, we dropped off the kids at our favorite neighbor’s house where he announced his special day.  In no time, our excited neighbors put together an impromptu party, complete with sushi, party hats and horns, and roasted marshmallows.  What a gift!  Once evening hit, we picked up Courben’s buddy, who just moved here from Arizona and just learned how to get dressed in snow gear, and headed to the slopes for some epic snow tubing.  After speeding down the bumpy hills half a dozen times, we found a pizza and sub shop and chased away all their customers with our craziness.  Needless to say, everyone was wiped out when we got home.  So, we postponed our traditional birthday dessert, storytelling, and baby-picture ogling until today.

We are super proud of this kid, for his bravery and acceptance of the autism news in the last year, for his generous heart, and for his independence.  This morning, he biked to the local coffee shop to buy himself a muffin.  Who is this kid?  Our prayer is that as he continues to get older and get close to his teen years, he will continue to grow in that same bravery, generosity, and independence we love.

One thought on “eleven

  1. So . . . once again, our oldest great-grandchild is the same age as our youngest grandchild.  What a joy!!!  And such a fun day as you all had, soon-to-be- nine-year-old  and Curly-Head  included.  Had I been there, I likely would have been on one of those tubes swirling downhill (well, at least once!), but I also likely couldn’t have trudged back uphill fast enough to get another ride!     The ice is quickly leaving the lake in this moderated weather.  The loneswan has returned, as well as a few of the geese.  Haven’t noticed Mr. Blue Heron recently, but I can’t stand at the window ALL day.  Lovingly, Gr/Gr  

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