week 25, robot party

four homemade tin can robotsWe wrapped up our hexmester with a Wild Robot Book Party.  One of the aspects of Brave Writer we’ve yet to try is a book celebration and because everyone loved this book so much, I thought this would be the perfect time to start.  I gathered some supplies to make homemade robots and we got to work.

Judah explained his like this:  “Mine has dents in because Roz climbed rocks and she got dents on her.  She also fell out of trees and got attacked by bears.  The sap on it is from the trees because she wanted to camouflage.  She also has only a head because her arms and legs got ripped off by RECO 1.”

And Courben:  “The black ribbons are tubes from where its head got ripped off.  And the can lid is the head still hanging.  Mine is a RECO.”

And Gracie:  “Mine has jewels inside it so she is kinda like the pinecones that went “thunk” and they keep doing it.  So yeah.  The ribbon around it is so she can climb and she has eyes.”

boy playing robot teaparty gameWe also played the Robot Tea Party card game while a few of us tried out our homemade grass balls in honor of Brightbill, the gosling.  We ended our time together with a brief winter bonfire just like Roz did when she built fires for the cold forest animals.

As we ate lunch, we talked about all the things we learned during the last seven weeks, like fractions and volcanoes and autism and ADHD and double digit multiplication and predators and Atlantis and Samson and black key pentascales and onamonapias and personification.  This party and the reflection time ended up being a great way to finish up our hexmester.  I’m hoping to make this happen at the end of our remaining two hexmesters.  Let the resting begin!

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