week 23

girl working on robot graphingAll four of us have been enjoying our latest read aloud, “Wild Robot” by Peter Brown, so much so that Grace walks around quoting it.  Years ago, I downloaded lots of preschool themed packs, and I was happily surprised to find I had saved a robot themed one.  It ended up being perfect for Grace’s school this week; she worked on graphing and writing the letter x.  She was extra happy that blue, her favorite color, won and made it to the top of the graph first.
top down view of city from observatoryAnother highlight of our week was finding a little known gem in the city with Urban Adventures.  We took an elevator up to the 40th floor of the tallest building downtown.  We often find it easy to notice God’s beauty in His natural Creation, but this day, we noticed God’s beauty in the way man created because we are made in His image.  The buildings, highways, streets, and greenspaces all reflected the big beautiful creation of the city we live in.  What a view.

I was glad for these highlights in the midst of another hard week 5.  Big emotions of ADHD took center stage this week, so we continued to search for ways to calm and regulate when the storms hit.  Two weeks before our much needed break!

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