week 21

two kids in a fort behind a couchThere are some weeks when I can see how some families unschool and let their kids lead the way in their learning.  I’m still convinced that route isn’t what’s best for us, but this week I saw self-directed learning from both boys.  Judah has been desperately trying to finish the fourth book of Harry Potter so we can all watch the movie together.  One morning, he built a blanket fort behind the couch and settled into 90 minutes of reading.  Then, he got out the ink and quill to begin his first fan fiction writing.  He still worked on his other lessons, but no one had any doubt which he enjoyed more.
harry potter fan fiction introCourben has gotten to a place where he needs little direction from me when it comes to choosing which lessons to do and when.  In fact, this week, he chose to get all of them done in three days so he could have today off; he seemed quite proud of himself for working so diligently.  Of course a ‘day off’ still included learning; he worked on coding, built legos, and finished the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea audio book.

There were some hard moments this week, but as usual, I’m thankful we have the time to work through the difficult and still have space for the good.

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