hex 4

kids playing pokemonI’m a couple days behind in posting our update, but we did start up lessons again last week.  Some of the highlights?  Courben started fractions in math (Math U See, Epsilon).  We checked out a homeschool Pokèmon club.  Judah started a new fictional story about tigers and used real tiger facts in it.  And we finished our read aloud, “Merci Suarez Changes Gears.”  Because of how dates land, we’ve decided to do seven weeks of lessons before our next break so both boys’ birthdays fall during our rest weeks.

On our walk home from the local coffee shop last week, Courben said, “Mom, I like our life and all the things we’ve started and stopped since we found out about ADHD and autism.”  This kid.  What a gift that he’s able to see goodness in this news and not get hung up on any hard or negative parts of it.

One thought on “hex 4

  1. Beloved Family, thank you for continuing to keep usI”in the loop” with these posts.  I’m asking a favor of you all:  please pray for me and the 11 othersfrom our congregation who are flying to Tucson today to spend a few days learning and helping those who are serving at the border.  I’m a little nervousabout the unknown, but I really do want to make a difference for good.  Lovingly, Gr/Gr

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