topiary storytelling

kids and moms sitting in a topiary gardenOnce upon a time, several brave mothers (and an even braver dad) arrived at a magical city park with their wild and free children.  The mothers chatted it up, were tagged “it,” and marveled at the topiaries while the children spent their time climbing trees, playing round after round of tag, folding paper airplanes, and wandering and wondering their way through the park.  Eventually, everyone gathered in the sunshine to bring bits of nature and bits of story to share.  The kids took turns adding to a story featuring a real, live stinkbug named Rose and an equally alive, evil cucumber bug.  Because one story just wasn’t enough, the kids’ next assignment was to find a topiary as inspiration.  As the kids recounted mini stories about each character, one mother ended the story as simply being the artist’s, Seurat, dream of his painting that inspired this park.  There was laughter and sound effects and groaning, all parts of great stories.  Sadly, time came for everyone to head home, so the kids and moms (and one dad) all hugged goodbye and said, “See you next time.”

(thanks to Rachel for the enchanting photo of our day)

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