2nd annual cousin camp

three cousins posing on a fallen logSome of my favorite childhood memories include my cousins, making Oldies music videos and crafting with our aunt.  Our kids are fortunate to have similar-aged cousins not too far away; and since we have extra seats in our SUV, it makes cousin sleepovers doable, too!  This year, James (five) got to join the party and boy, was he excited!
five cousins swingingThe kids spent their time at home, biking and scooting around our driveway, jumping on the trampoline, and putting on dance shows in the front yard.  We also enjoyed cream cheese pancakes in our pajamas on the front patio one morning.
five cousins in pajamas eating pancakes outsideCousin camp wouldn’t be complete without a day out in nature.  We packed up our leftover pizza (sorry James, there’s no microwave at the park), and headed to a local metro park for some natural play, including getting “flipped off” at the teeter totter, rock skipping, frog-catching, and poison ivy dodging.  The kids left muddy and tired, which are my two indicators of a good day.  We also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to introduce the cousins to the Story Pirates podcast as we drove to and from the park.  I’m sure they’d love to teach you the song, “Cats sit on you!  And sometimes they take over the school.”  As we ended our time together and took the cousins back home, James was ready to plan another cousin sleepover.  Sounds like a win to me!  Until next year…

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