“hatchet alternate ending” by judah

“My name is Brian Robeson,” he said. Then he saw that his stew was done, the peach whip almost done, and he waved to it with his hand. “Would you like something to eat?” he asked the Pilot.

“Yes,”said the Pilot, I wood like an apple.

“Heer you go,” said Brian, giving the Pilot an apple.

“Thank you,” said Pilot, leeding Brian to the plane.

“Its time to go” ordered the Pilot “before your dad and mom get worried.”

“Okay,”said Brian, happely waving to his fish-pen, shelter, tools, and raft, all things he had worked so hard on. “Good by,” he said. And they set out tword Brians Dad. They floo for hours, and hours, and hours, and finoley it was night time. Brian went to sleep with out steing up to say good night. The next day Brian was up erly so he cood make brakfast so he cood look out the window to see the animals. He saw a moose, a bar with cobs, three wolves, a porqupine, a skunk, and a snaper tertol. Soon the Pilot was awake and drove the plane again. Finoley they got to Brians dads home.

Brian ran to the front door but wen he was about to open it he saw a note on the door that said:


Brian started to boll, he ran and hugged the Pilot so the Pilot cood barly breeth. “I am sorry,” said the Pilot. Then all the animals that attacked him came to feel sad with him. At first Brian and the Pilot where fritende by the animals, but he got used to them wuns he reelisd that they where not tring to hert him. “He died,” Brian wimperd. Then he went inside and got a pees of paper, an envelope, a pensol, and a stamp. He rote a letter to his Mom that said:

Dear Mom

Dad is dead

Then Brian started to krie again, this time even harder and all the animals lay down now and felt even sadder then last time. He was just about to get on the plane when he herd a femilier voise calling his name. “DAD!!” Brian cried,

“What? Did you think I was dead?”

“YES!” Brian yelled.

“Oh… but ceap it down plus I was bein’- wate you axshely thot I was dead?”

“Yes,” Brian said a little bit quiter.

“Oooooooooooooh, I had to leave the house. A robber was in there with a gun. Once the robber was gone and stole all our money, I wrote the note so the robber would think I was dead,” Brian’s Dad said. Then they hugged the biggest hug ever in the whole world. Brian hurried and changed the letter to his mom before the mailman came.

Dear Mom

Dad is dead. Dad is fine. And so am I.

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