week 35

four boys on swingsWe’re almost done!  We slowed way down this week to allow ample time for the boys to work on their final projects.  Both of them finished their chosen books this week and began work on the writing portion.  We decided against the traditional book report format and went with more of a creative writing approach.  I can hardly wait for the finished products.  Judah has chosen to continue “Hatchet” and write another chapter that could be tacked onto the end.  And Courben is writing letters back and forth between the characters of “Swiss Family Robinson.”  After two years of using the Brave Writer approach to writing, the dread has faded and confidence has come to light, especially for Courben.  And it was such a joy to see Judah’s love and excitement for adventure come through while he read “Hatchet.”   I remember it being a turning-point kind of book for Courben, too.  I’m especially thankful to be ending the year like this since we had a few rocky months this year trying to figure out a new normal in structure and routine.  Next week is it!

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