week 34

boy holding frogIt was a gorgeous week with ample sunny days, which we took advantage of and spent most afternoons outside.  Courben showed off his frog-catching skills at one park, while Gracie braved the zipline by herself.  All three kiddos enjoy the freedom they exercise when we’re out in nature.

Speaking of freedom, we’re only two weeks away from the end of our school year and we’re feeling it.  Motivation is waning and patience is being tested, but we’re building our endurance.  The boys worked their tails off this week and completed 20 lessons throughout the week.  I’ve slowly added a lesson or two each week to see how they’d do with more on their plates, and they’ve managed just fine.  I think they’ll be ready for more lessons per day next year now that they’ve practiced a bit.  They’ve been working especially hard at their final projects and I can’t wait to share an excerpt of their writings when they’re done!

Gracie has been working hard at learning her letters and successfully identified 18 of the 52 upper and lowercase letters.  She can also make her name with magnetic letters and count one-to-one up to ten.  This former kindergarten teacher is proud of our four year old.

We’re about done!

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