week 33

4 year old drawing of personWe started in on our last four weeks of schooling last week!  Gracie surprised me by drawing this person, complete with a head, eyes, eye brows, mouth, hair, arms, and legs.  Every time I’ve asked her to draw something in the past, she responds with, “I can’t!”  This reminds me that kids will go at their own pace and choose to do things when they’re ready.

The boys began their ‘final projects’ this week.  We decided to help them choose one final book to read to finish out their year.  Courben chose “Swiss Family Robinson” because we started it as a read-aloud and couldn’t finish it.  And Judah chose “Hatchet,” and was shocked to find the pilot of the plane having a heart-attack at the end of the very first chapter.  Both boys will be doing a writing project after they’ve finished their books.  This is the first time we’ve done something like this, so I’m excited to see how they do and what they come up with.  Because we have done lots of picking and choosing and not following an all-inclusive curriculum this year, this seemed like a great way to have an ending to the school year.

Attitudes and energy have both been low, so I can tell we’re winding down.  We’re all looking forward to warmer days filled with pools, creeking, and strawberry picking.

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