another swim session under the belts

4 year old girl in the poolThe kiddos just finished another round of swim lessons, Gracie’s first.  Each of the eight weeks, she got more confident and comfortable in the water.  So much so, when we went to Great Wolf Lodge last week, she was dunking her head in the water, jumping off the edge of the pool, and laughing in the wave pool.  Looks like we have another swimmer in the family.
boy putting on flippers at the side of a poolJudah worked his tail off this session and can now do a 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke with ease.  Each week, he’d come home exhausted, but proud.
boy swimming freestyle in a poolAnd Courben, who has loved the pool since before his first birthday began learning the breaststroke and butterfly stroke this session.  He’s also taking after his mother and likes diving and flipping off the diving board.

The boys aren’t sure they want to keep up with lessons; I suppose that may be because it’s more work than play this time around.  We’re hoping to keep up with lessons as the years go, though, so their confidence and skills continue to grow.

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