week 31

three kids standing in a tulip fieldI can tell it’s Spring around here.  This is usually the time each year when outings ramp up and structured lessons begin to wrap up.  This week, we visited the local conservatory for some flower and butterfly learning, explored one of our favorite natural play areas, and held snakes and spied on minnows at a new favorite spot.  Sometimes I get nervous that I’m not doing enough, for Gracie especially.  By her age, the boys were doing much more academically compared to what she’s doing now.  I try to remind myself that she’s getting a different early education experience, not a bad one.  Yes, we’re working on counting and letters, but they’re not sticking yet.  What is sticking is music and dance and nature and storytelling.  She has listened to Hoffman Academy’s first piano lesson so many times she can almost play Hot Cross Buns.  Her dance moves are out of this world.  Many days, I find her whipping up some sort of nature potion on our back patio.  And every single day, she has a dramatic detailed story to tell Daddy about her day.  So, it’s different and enough.

Since our week consisted of so many nature outings, we worked on some identification skills.  Using the ODNR field guides, the boys identified the snakes they discovered this week, Eastern Garter Snake and Dekay’s Brownsake.  We also used our own personal field guide (aka Grampa Simons) to identify some super smooth seeds that resembled Milk Duds, Kentucky Coffee Tree seeds and pods.

With just five weeks left of our formal school year, we’re hoping to end strong so we can enjoy our six week Summer Rest to the fullest.

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