week 28

three kiddos standing in a tree stumpAfter our trip, we started back up on our lessons and adventuring.  This week, we hiked a wooded trail with some buddies.  We slipped through mud and just to stay on the path, we climbed over brush that had washed ashore.  The older kiddos found small caves on the side of a hill and Gracie chose to chuck rocks into the river instead.

Lessons resumed and the boys continue to enjoy the freedom within our structure.  Each week, the boys choose to do an oral narration for either their science or history lesson.  I’ve included Judah’s finished sabertooth tiger writing below.  He’s grown in the area of non-fiction writing over the last few months.
8 year old sabertooth tiger writingWe’ve also added language-learning to the boys’ computer time each day.  Judah is working on Spanish and Courben on German.  For now, I want them to get a taste of learning a new language; starting early seems like hopefully they’ll catch on quickly and may enjoy it.

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