week 27 (i think)

little girl standing and smiling in the mudSpring is almost here, and just in time for us to go spend some time in the snowy state north of us!  On our hike this week, we were on the lookout for Spring, and I guess mud is a sign of spring, right?  In the muddy mud, we could see deer, raccoons, dogs, and humans had been there before us.  We were also putting our scat identification skills to the test and found traces of racoon and coyote.  No flowers poked through yet on the Coneflower Trail, but we enjoyed slipping, sliding, falling, giggling, and getting stuck in the mucky mud.

The boys continue to work on their time management with school these days.  I always find it interesting which subjects they choose when.  Judah almost always starts his week off with art, either drawing or paper folding.  Courben starts his with laundry and his weekly chore, but don’t be fooled.  I’m not raising a neat-freak, just a boy who loves audio books and will do anything to have an excuse to listen.  Right now, he’s been into some kid podcasts, which I can’t help but be proud of.

The week almost always ends with a pile-up of math for both, laundry for Judah, and violin for Courben.  History, science, music, and the other language arts lessons find their way to the middle of the week.  They have gotten the hang of pacing and often choose to do more of their work toward the beginning of the week and save less for the end.

Next week will be nature immersion since what else do you do up north in March?  Once we get home, we’ll do two short terms, a five week and four week to finish up the year.  I can’t believe we’re in the homestretch for this year!

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