ten weeks left

kids walking on iceIt’s still winter here, all the way down to frozen creeks as we discovered this week at a nearby Metro Park.  Despite the cold temperatures and frigid wind, we still hiked around the lake and the kids rammed sticks into the ice to see how strong they were.  We saw several different types of birds, rabbit and deer tracks, rabbit scat, and empty bird nests.  Winter barren trees made our hunting a bit easier, but we’re looking forward to the warmth and green of Spring.

We also got back into our lessons last week.  Judah chose the Ice Age, mammoths, and sabertooth tigers as his science and history studies.  And Courben chose Mexico and rare animals for his.  Gracie has been interested in typing and story-telling lately.  Here’s one of her latest:

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Elsa. She iced the water fountain. Then, she made a house with her ice. The bad guys shoot her and she put power on one guy. He was starting to shoot with a bow! She was holding something that was a change with her hands. Then she was on a bed and Anna was on a bed. And that was it!

Next week, we’ll wrap up a mini hexmester before we go adventuring up in Michigan with all of our best CS buds!

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