the storm of the century, we’ll see

Courben still likes it when I sit and write alongside him, which I love.  This prompt was inspired by the huge snowstorm we’re supposed to get today.  As I always say, we live in The South, so I’m not holding my breath!  But I thought my snow promise should be public just in case we actually get as much white fluffy stuff as they’re saying.  So, without further ado, my freewrite from the week:

If it snows a foot…

If it snows a foot-twelve whole inches-I solemnly swear to jump up and down twelve times and shout, “A foot of snow!  A foot of snow!  A foot of snow!”  After hopping around and yelling like a college football fan, I promise, right here and right now, to bake warm, chocolatey, gooey cookies for my likely already excited children-like they’ll need more energy.

If it snows a foot, I will make a twelve inch deep snow angel, moving my arms and legs at rapid speed.  Then, I’ll gingerly stand up so as not to disturb that holy print.

If it snows twelve inches, not ten or nine, I’ll give big smoochy kisses to those I love the most.  So, look out if you’re nearby because I just won’t be able to contain my excitement!

If it snows nine or eight or seven or six or five or less, well, I guess I’ll make hot cocoa and just smile a little.

2 thoughts on “the storm of the century, we’ll see

  1. Too bad you didn’t get to celebrate and give out cookies and smooches! We had a lazy, restful day reading and watching the juncos, tree sparrows, and gold finches devour thistle seed at our feeder. 😘

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