december in picture review

I inadvertently took a blogging break in December, but I didn’t stop snapping pictures!  Here’s a quick photo walk of our month.  I should be back to my usual writing in January. boy measuring boardmanger building

girls posing for handicraft fairwild+free handicraft fair

girl and grandma kneading pizza doughGracie and Grandma making pizza dough

boy drawingnativity drawing at the Shoemaker Christmas

two girls smashing oreoslumps of coal and fudge making with Ruby

girl and grandpa decorating christmas cookiescookie decorating…

two families getting ready to tobogganand tobogganing at the Simons Christmas

boy taking communion in front of firecommunion on Christmas morning

dad and daughter holding hands in woodsand hiking in Tennessee

dad and two sons holding hands down a trailIt was a full month, full of goodness, family, and celebrating the coming of our King.  As usual, I’m thankful for the change in routine and energy, but also ready to get back to business as usual in the New Year.

One thought on “december in picture review

  1. Dear Ones, we always appreciate your “blogs” and photos.  But the photo we most treasure right now is the framed one that added so muchto our Christmas.  Hopefully, Aimee told you that our gift to you was on back-order at the time you were together.  I did order it early enoughthat under normal circumstances it would have arrived in plenty of time.  Now I’m going to have to contact the company again.  So sorry!In God’s great love as shown in the Christ, GrGr/GrGr

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