little curls and little girls

little girl eating chicken nuggetsYou know what’s real sad?  When your three year old daughter cuts off her beautiful curls.  Last Saturday, I found little curls all over this little girl’s bedroom.  Sure enough, scissors had found their way into that same bedroom.  After the initial shock and conversation about hair and scissors, we started the search for help.
little girl getting hair done at a salonOne of our friends made some contacts and suggestions, and we found Miss LaVonne, miracle worker.  She even got us in for an appointment on Sunday.  I bribed nervous Gracie with a Happy Meal and we headed up for some hair restoration.  While our Little Miss sat patiently, I got real-life hair lessons to compliment my YouTube and Pinterest inspired knowledge.
little girl showing off new hair styleWhen all was said and done, no more hair was cut, only expertly hidden into tight braids.  The good news is now I get to practice my braids and twists and also have someone on speed-dial for inexpensive and speedy help when we need it again.

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