hex 3, week 3

Sharp Sword StoryI was a proud mama-teacher this week as our boys had successes in writing.  Because they have been given freedom to choose what they’d like to work on in the area of writing, I’m seeing their creativity come through more and more.  Judah often loves to dictate stories as I type them.  Can you tell where he got his latest inspiration?  Another day, he was writing a letter and knew the word “know” was spelled differently than the word “no.”  As he jotted down several variations, he discovered the correct spelling.  I’m continually reminded that writing in the context of life goes so much smoother than it does when taken out of context.
runny babbit style haikuCourben has been devouring Shel Silverstein’s newest poetry book, “Runny Babbit Returns,” and for good reason.  He has been talking like Shel writes for months, even before he started reading Shel’s poetry.  This week, he sat down to write a haiku poem with this flare for silly language.  He loves being able to do something from start to finish, so a short haiku was perfect because he could do the entire writing process in one sitting.
little girl playing hopscotchWe also enjoyed the one sunny day this week by charcoal-drawing a hopscotch board in the driveway.  As you can see, Gracie’s love for dance mixed quite nicely with this traditional childhood game.

Honestly, our struggles were so minor this week that I’m having a hard time remembering any that stood out.  We’re getting into the groove of this new way of schooling, and we’re enjoying the freedom within the structure.  There are still days that I feel a bit nervous about it because we’re in new territory, but when I look at weeks like this, I know we’re on the right track.


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