hex 3, week 2: mountains and valleys

girl's face behind a leafIt was one of those weeks, one with big highs and big lows, mountains and valleys.  We saw much goodness in community this week.  These kids of ours are learning what it is to be apart of a proximal extended family, after years of waiting and wondering if  God would provide it again.  I smiled at our oldest giving hugs to each of his aunties as we bumped along in a hay wagon.  I listened to our middle ask each morning, “are we seeing any Cottage School friends today?”  And I marveled and breathed relief at our youngest finding comfort in the arms of other women on a chilly autumn day.
two boys proudly showing off their pumpkinsThe lows came in the big emotions.  Have I mentioned those are hard for me?  The never-ending energy, the explosive anger, and the waterfall of tears all made their presence known this week, some in me and some in our kids.  It’s funny because what I want most is this peaceful home.  Every.  Single.  Day.  And every single moment.  But what I’m realizing is not only is that unrealistic, it’s not even what God expects from us.  He created us with emotions; and He created us to want and need Him in all of them.  Isn’t that the beauty of His Creation?  This constant eb and flow of feeling and thinking, heart and head.  It’s that both-and again.
leaf nature journalingSo, when I get lost in the chaos that life can feel like, I’m reminded of the beauty that comes from the chaos.  As we all worked through our big emotions this week, we saw breakthrough.  We not only saw tears and anger and frustration, but we saw laughter and smiles and excitement.
boy buried in hayNot to mention, all the changes in our schooling seem to be becoming a new normal, at least for now.  And isn’t that how life goes, too?  Rhythms are always evolving, and it’s up to us to recognize when they need to stay the same and when they need to change.

Special thanks to Imee for the first two photos!

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