dragon haiku (week 9)

me and my dragon go on a walk through the woods. we have lots of fun.We needed a slow and joy-filled Monday, so I decided to switch around our week so today could be Art and Poetry Palooza.  It turned out to be just the ticket!  Nate worked from home, so he even got in on the fun.  Together, we drew silly faces thanks to a book called, “20 Ways to Draw a Mustache,” by Cara Bean.
me and my dragon go into the night, twisting, turning, all through the night.Then we made up some coffee and hot cocoa to enjoy during our poetry readings.  I stumbled upon two perfect-for-our-boys poetry books while I was browsing the library on Saturday.   One was called “Guyku:  A Year of Haiku for Boys,” and the other was “Runny Babbit Returns.”  Judah loved the haiku since they were short to read aloud.  And Courben thought the poems from Runny Babbit were hysterical because he has been talking like these poems for a few months now.
me and my dragon like to eat meats and think sheep burn gloriously.After we all read a few poems (Nate and I even did a couple from “Joyful Noise:  Poems for Two Voices”), we tried our hands at writing and illustrating our own haiku.  I think they turned out great!
me and my dragon, racing and adventuring, wait, stop! i need cake!

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