week 7

girl using glue and scissors on a couchI’m a few days later than my usual Friday post, my apologies!  Nate and I had a few days sans kiddos (thanks mom and dad!), so my mind was on birthday celebrating and Army sorting instead of blogging!  We did start up our next hexmester last week.  We’re still enjoying that rhythm, and I did a few tweaks to our weekly rhythm.  It’s going to look like this for Hex2:
boy reading aloud behind an easleMondays and Tuesdays:  Science (sun living books), History (John Quincy Adams), Grammar/Geography/Art Appreciation (The Good and the Beautiful levels 1 & 2), Math (Math U See levels Gamma and Delta), and Writing (we’re going to choose one of our freewrites from Hex1 and work through the writing process to publish)

Wednesdays:  Orchestra starts up for Courben, Wild+Free (nature journaling) or Art, Poetry Palooza, and Piano Lessons

Thursdays:  Cottage School (trying to add in additional lessons on Thursdays has proved to not work well, so we’re reserving Thursdays for just CS) (Typing has been moved to daily during the boys’ computer time)

Fridays:  Math and Copywork from Daddy’s bedtime read-aloud, “The Cricket in Times Square”eight dragon heads drawingSpeaking of Cottage School, last week’s time together was “magical,” as so many CS moms put it.  We chose a dragon theme and four of the older kids chose to lead/teach the rest of the kids, while the moms all sat back and marveled with our eyes big and jaws dropped.  So many skills were happening within our 90 minutes of focused time:  cutting/gluing and alphabet letter writing by the littles, following step-by-step drawing instructions, kids helping and encouraging each other with their drawing, storytelling, and more.
boy and girl drawing side by sideAnother day last week, our crew of four decided to take our lessons on the road.  So, we hopped on our bikes and stopped at Coffee Connections to have a cool place to work.  Then, we headed to the pond near the bike trail for some fishing and exercising.  We’re thankful to live near so many great spots!  Until next week…

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