august summer sabbath

This weekend has been Summer Sabbath in our house.  Here’s what it looked like: kids climbing on logsA Saturday morning outside with donuts and family, praying together and dreaming of the future.
dew-droplet spider webA Saturday afternoon bike ride with a new friend and a Sunday morning trail run for me.
mom and daughter sharing earbudsVideo gaming for Nate and the kids and racial reconciliation podcast (episode 267) listening for Gracie and I.

Habaneros for Saturday dinner, Sunday morning Coffee Connections, and Sunday evening ice cream with Cottage School.

Isn’t rest funny?  There’s so much diversity in how we as individuals recreate and refresh and hear from the Father.  But then, somehow, as a family, we have to learn how to rest together.  Honestly, for us, it’s been years and years of practicing and fighting and trying again and testing to figure it out.  By no means have we arrived, but this weekend was a glimpse of individual rest and family rest working together.  Until next month…

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