cottage school aka church


ladies eating and laughing togetherThis last week has been filled with all the feelings.  This thing we call Cottage School is so much more than what we ever thought it would be when we first got together to dream about it.  We are truly family-ing, from sharing our food, our homes, and our possessions to impromptu splash pad days and come-to-my-house days.  Last night, all the mommas gathered together for food, tears, and laughter to send off one of the families as they prepare to build community in their neighborhood.  It was hard in so many ways because it brought up past memories from Soma (and people leaving) and fears I have of doing community again, but God is gracious.  I’m certain He was honored in the way we loved each other, showed authenticity, and ended this first chapter well.
kids learning bible verseThis morning was our normally scheduled CS time, and it looked like this:

  • moms drinking tea and coffee as they share what they’re learning about who God is
  • kids playing dragons and legos and dress-up as they run in and out of the house
  • sharing food, each family bringing what they already had at home
  • singing hello to everybody
  • reciting our CS anthem, loudly and proudly
  • learning scripture together
  • popcorn prayer that’s super heartfelt and silly and messy because 18 kids
  • food grazing all day ’cause that’s what you do at family get-togethers
  • some families leaving early and others staying late
  • everyone pitching in to clean up, put away, wipe counters, and take out the trash

I got home and was wiped out, but in the best way.  I joked to Nate, “We did all that in one day!  And to think, we still weren’t together for the amount of time kids would be in traditional school!”

(pic credits to Rachel & Imee, thanks ladies!)

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