week 2

boy holding cake artIt’s been a good week of lessons here.  The kids have been enjoying learning about our solar system.  Gracie is getting in on the fun too and often shouts, “We live in Erse and the sun is so so hot!”  In our book about James Monroe, the boys recognized some of the locations referenced because of our trip to Williamsburg–the governor’s palace and William and Mary College.
another boy holding cake artJudah has started work on multiplication and is finding the 0s and 1s to be “very easy.”  Courben picked back up on the division work he started last year.  And Gracie is starting to recognize the numerals 1-3 and put them in order.
girl holding cake artWe also got to do some art this week since we didn’t have Wild+Free!  This time, I didn’t show them a final product ahead of time and gave them one instruction at a time.  By the time we were drawing the line for frosting between cake layers, they figured it out.

So thankful to have two weeks under our belts without much loss from our summer rest.

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