back to it, another year started

girl looking at solar system bookIndependence Day has passed, which means this family is starting up another year of home-educating.  Here’s a glimpse into what a typical week will look like during this first hexmester:

Mondays and Tuesdays:  Science (solar system living books), History (James Monroe), Grammar/Geography/Art Appreciation (The Good and the Beautiful levels 1 & 2), Math (Math U See levels Gamma and Delta), and Writing (Brave Writer freewrites)

Wednesdays:  Wild+Free (nature journaling) or Art

Thursdays:  Typing, Piano Lessons, Poetry Palooza (Brave Writer inspired), and Cottage School

Fridays:  independent work while I teach music (Math and Copywork from Daddy’s bedtime read-aloud, “Charlotte’s Web”)
spring acrostic poem

One thought on “back to it, another year started

  1. I DO like the great acrostic and the photo and the family.  Lovingly and prayerfully, GrGr

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