another mud day

girl in mudWe were definitely missing Courben today as we celebrated International Mud Day!
kids holding hands in mudJudah, Gracie, and Ava (did I mention we got the privilege of having her here for a few days?) did enjoy the mud, but not nearly as much as Courben always has.
mud tug-o-warAva participated in mud tug-o-war.
mud paintingAll three did mud-paintings
making mud piesand made mudpies.
boy rinsing mud offAnd all three especially liked rinsing off in the make-shift PVC pipe showers…
girl drinking from hosemaybe even more than playing in the mud.log and branch teeter totterAnd of course, these two rigged-up a teeter totter from a log and branch.

We had a blast with this girl!  From trampoline jumping to Cottage School creeking to mud day, we slowed down just enough to make space for Judah and Ava to have all kinds of conversations and make up songs about God.  I’m sure another Cousin Camp will be in the works before we know it.

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