va + nc

Highlights from our trip to Williamsburg, Virginia and Rodanthe, North Carolinakids drinking root beerDrinking $3 root beer while waiting for a table at a colonial tavern.  Courben and I shared a crab-cake sandwich.
boys and dad petting bullPetting a friendly bull (yes, that’s a thing) at the entrance of Colonial Williamsburg.
family on a ferryRiding a ferry from Jamestown to Surry, and back.  We were those people who got out of our car to get a better view and snap some photos.
boy eating carrotSampling a freshly picked carrot from a colonial garden.  We saw gardens representing the early settlers, the English, and the Native Americans.
boys playing in riverPlaying in the sand (and water) of the York River.
selfieSnapping a selfie while we sat in the shade at the river.
boy working on puzzleWorking on a 500 piece puzzle of the Governor’s Palace.  Everyone helped (even Gracie, who was hoarding pieces in her bed) and we got it finished before heading off to North Carolina.
pretending to eat a live crabCrab hunting the first night at the beach.  These ghost crabs came in all sizes and scurried about when we shined our lights at them.
sunrise over the oceanMy morning view as I ran along the shore.  I woke up at 5:50a the first morning and was up before 7a every other morning.  That southern sun!
little cousins playing at beachGracie and Nora playing together at the beach.  Nora wasn’t up for playing in the water, but Gracie loved standing at the edge as the waves crashed on the shore.  She also may or may not have enjoyed drinking the salt water.
cousins buried in the sandBuried in the sand.  These two were inseparable the three days they were together.
husband kissing lighthouseThanks to Mom and Dad for keeping all the kiddos so we could have a date with a lighthouse each other.  We had dinner, strolled along the shore since it was evening, and then read together before heading back.

Now we’re home unwinding and gearing up for the rest of our summer rest before the school year starts back up after the 4th.

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