summer sabbath: dragon play

charcoal drawing of dragonThe creativity of our kiddos has just ramped up this weekend!  Just when I thought I needed to go buy some sidewalk chalk, I walked out to these charcoal creations on our back patio.  What beauties!  They’ve also been baking dragon bread and cooking dragon soup in our fire pit.  I’m sure if you came over, you’d be offered some samples.
dragon bread and dragon soupSo thankful our slow-living lifestyle and homeschooling offer ample amounts of time for freeplay to our kids.  After more kairos around rest, recently Nate and I instituted Summer Sabbath weekends.  One weekend per month is marked (in blood) on our calendars for rest.  This allows us opportunity to say no to plans and set aside entire weekends for intentional sabbath.  Rest, mind you, looks nothing like laziness or idleness, but more like moments to delight, be present, be creative, and to slow down to hear from our Father.


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