mama’s freewrite

Remember that freewrite prompt I talked about yesterday?  Well, here’s mine:

Wait, what?  Why am I on the top bunk of Grace’s bed?  My finger is in my mouth!  Ew, get it out!  As I wipe spit onto my pillow, I notice something.  My finger is the color of cocoa powder.  Oh boy.  My hair-it’s in tight, springy coils.  Could it be?  Am I in my three year old daughter’s body?  So let’s see, am I still me?

Do I like eggs?  “Yes!” my brain says, but who knows what my new taste buds would say.

Do I know how to work the washing machine?  Well, yes, but how on earth will I be able to reach?

Do I enjoy reading and blogging?  Yeah, but will my fingers know how to type?  Will I be able to turn pages without tearing them?

Okay-so, I’m me.  But I’m also Gracie.  I better go get some milk, find a dress to wear, and then stand on the coffee table and belt out some songs.


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