hello spring!

boy writing his name with a stick in the snowI didn’t expect to still be having snowy hikes for wild+free at the end of March, but we did today!  We met up with another small and mighty crew and hiked a mile around Beaver Lake.
four person mudslideThe kids were thrilled to be able to go off-roading this time, as the whole area around the lake is designated as natural play space.  Not long into our hike, the kids made a mudslide, and all eight of them went up and down the hill, covering themselves in mud.  It was super sweet to see the older kids helping the younger (aka Grace) get up the hill!
plant printsI’ve also been reading the book, “There’s No Bad Weather,” written by a Swedish mom who now lives in Indiana.  She talks about the idea of Leave No Trace and how it’s gotten out of hand in the US.  No stone gathering, no flower picking, don’t trample the vegetation, and no collecting tadpoles.  But research shows that the ‘damage’ kids do in the wilderness does not negatively affect the ecosystem longterm.  Good thing since I’m certain the kids’ mudslide would have counted as leaving a trace.  Maybe April will bring some warmer weather, but I suppose then we’ll be traipsing around the woods in rain; better get some good rain gear!

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