snow lanterns

boy making snowball lanternI had seen this idea a couple weeks ago and thought our crew would love it!
dad and son making snowball lanternSure enough, with a 40 degree night and melty packing snow, we all had a great time making snow lanterns together in our front yard.
girl with her snow lanternNate finished first, so he helped Gracie and Judah work on theirs.
family making snow lanternsGorgeous, aren’t they?  How did we do it?  Flatten a small patch of snow, make a circle of snowballs and then begin layering snowballs on top of each other to make a snowball cone.  Once finished, remove a ball and place a lit tea light inside the lantern on the ground.  Replace the snowball.  Stand back to gaze and marvel.
four snow lanternsThey turned out better than we had dreamed!
snow lanterns from inside snowflake windowBefore heading inside to enjoy the lanterns from the coziness of our house, we had an everyone-for-themselves snowball fight.  What a night!

2 thoughts on “snow lanterns

  1. Beautiful! I like that you intentionally made these lanterns in the front yard for passersby to appreciate. Reminds me of a saying (not sure who is credited with having said it first): “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.”

    You guys are lights of and to the world.


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